Hi Fi Girl

Rock and roll is more than an attitude, more than a collection of noisy instruments and testosterone, more than a commitment to couch-tramping your way across this vast country of ours, it’s a lifestyle. And as a lifestyle, it demands that you accessorize!

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You can find albums by each of our bands at fine local St Louis retailers like Vintage VinylEuclid Records and Apop Records.


2013 Tower Groove Records Singles Club

January: Old Lights/Demon Lover

February: Doom Town/Black for a Second

March: Bunnygrunt/Trauma Harness

April: The Skekses/Cave of Swords

May: Tone Rodent/Kisser

June: Ransom Note/Nee

July: Maximum Effort/Shaved Women

August: Magic City/The Jungle Fire

September: Peck of Dirt/Little Big Bangs

October: Bug Chaser/Troubador Dali

November: Accelerando/Humdrum

December: Sleepy Kitty/Middle Class Fashion

Subscribers will receive an e-mail each month to let them know when that month’s single will be available, and the date and place of the official release show. We have teamed up with our friends at Vintage Vinyl, Euclid Records, and Apop Records to make these stores our local distribution points. The single will also come with a 10% off coupon good for any purchases made at that store on that day. In the field below, please indicate the record store at which you would like to pick up your records.

If you would like to pick up your record at the monthly release show, we ask that you still select one of the record stores as a pick up point.

If you would like your records mailed to you, there are two options:

1. For $75, we will mail you records quarterly. For example, upon the release of the March single, you will receive the January, February, and March records together. Upon the release of the June single, you will receive the April, May, and June records together, and so on.

2. For $100, we will mail you each record as it is released monthly.

Each 7 inch will include download codes for that record.

In-store pickup $60.00 USD
Mailed quarterly $75.00 USD
Mailed monthly $100.00 USD

Tower Groove Records Volume 1 Double LP Compilation ($20)

Tower Groove Records Compilation volume 1